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Top 10 benefits of beta-alanine

A naturally occurring beta amino acid, beta-alanine is an important component of carnosine, a peptide that acts as an anti-aging and antioxidant compound. Found naturally in beef, pork, poultry, and fish, there are numerous benefits beta-alanine provides; here are just a few.

1. Boosts physical performance

Beta-alanine’s histidine residue has an imidazole structure, allowing it to contribute to intracellular buffering. This process reduces acidosis, meaning it allows the body to experience high-intensity bursts of activity without injury or fatigue.

2. Increases muscle mass

This amino acid is a significant contributor to muscle mass. However, supplementation must be paired with exercise; muscle mass will not be gained independent of physical activity.

3. Boosts endurance

Beta-alanine improves outcomes in two types of exercise. The first is short, high-intensity exercises such as sprinting and weightlifting. The second involves activities that include intracellular acidosis. Beta-alanine improves endurance and muscle-building during both of these types of exercise.

4. Increases endurance

These amino acids aid in improving muscular endurance, meaning you are able to work out longer and harder without experiencing muscular fatigue.

5. Improves aerobic capacity

Though beta-alanine does not cause a significant increase in power output, over time, it is beneficial in increasing your aerobic capacity. This, again, allows you to train longer without fatigue.

6. Slows aging

Carnosine is thought to slow the visual effects of the aging process, as it buffers hydrogen ions. Further, as we age, our levels of carnosine steadily decrease, so by consuming increased beta-alanine, we can restore the amount of carnosine to a healthy level.

7. Protects cells

Beta-alanine, through its role in producing carnosine, protects numerous proteins in cells through its antioxidant properties. Beta-alanine prevents the accumulation of oxidized proteins and aids in excreting protein carbonyls. In addition, it protects cells further by preventing the formation of these toxic compounds in the first place.

8. Prevents exhaustion

By improving neural function, beta-alanine reduces fatigue during exercise and everyday activities. This amino acid has also been shown to prevent volitional exhaustion in women, the elderly, and professional athletes.

9. Prevents tumor growth

Beta-alanine has been shown to minimize the growth of tumor cells, particularly in the colon and rectum. In addition, it reduces the functionality and aggressiveness of these growths.

10. Treats brain injury

Research suggests that the healing properties of beta-alanine are beneficial in reducing and preventing behavioral changes after mild brain injuries.

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