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Best 10 Benefits of Calcium

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients used by the body; in fact, at 2% of total body weight, it is the fifth-most abundant element in the human body. It is needed to build and maintain teeth, bones, and cartilage, as well as keep the nervous and cardiovascular systems functioning. Below are ten benefits of calcium supplements:

1. Keeps bones strong

Perhaps the most commonly known role of calcium, this nutrient is essential in maintaining bone density and strength. Especially important in strengthening the backbone, calcium also keeps the teeth strong and prevents breakage. Regular calcium intake can also prevent osteoporosis.

2. Maintains cardiovascular health

Calcium protects the heart muscles and allows them to properly expand and contract. It is also necessary in maintaining proper arterial pressure.

3. Prevents colon cancer

You can reduce your risk of developing colon cancer and malignant polyps by maintaining an adequate intake of calcium. Regular supplementation can also prevent the growth of adenomas and other noncancerous tumors.

4. Aids in weight loss

Sufficient calcium is needed to maintain a healthy body weight in both men and women.

5. Relieves symptoms of PMS

Calcium is known to provide relief to women suffering from PMS, alleviating symptoms such as dizziness, depression, and hypertension. It is important not to over-supplement, however, as too much calcium can not only cause those same symptoms, but exacerbate existing problems.

6. Prevents kidney stones

A buildup of minerals in the kidney results in a kidney stone, which is incredibly painful to pass for both men and women. By increasing your intake of dietary calcium and staying hydrated, you can significantly reduce your risk of forming a kidney stone.

7. Normalizes pH level

The ideal pH level of the human body is slightly alkaline, around a pH of 7.4. Regular consumption of calcium can help regular this pH level, thereby resulting in optimal health.

8. Stabilizes blood pressure

Recent research shows that a diet high in calcium, potassium, and fiber promotes low, healthy blood pressure, which is essential in maintaining heart health.

9. Promotes dental health

Like bones, the teeth need calcium to remain strong and cavity-free. Calcium is also important in strengthening the jawbone, which ensures your teeth fit properly.

10. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes

Studies show that women who take daily calcium supplements have, on average, a 33% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than women who do not. Liquid calcium supplements are usually effective, as liquid vitamins have an absorption rate five times that of capsules.

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