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Top 10 health benefits of L-citrulline

The amino acids are the building blocks of protein which in itself is the essential nutrient for the body. The amino acids come in two different types, one is the essential amino acids and other is the non-essential amino acids. L-citrulline is a later type of amino acid. It is produced by the body and plays multiple roles to improve the body conditions. The external food sources of L-citrulline are watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin, melon, and squash. The top 10 functions that it plays in the human body are:

1. Keeps your body active

The powdered form of L-citrulline supplement is used by many people all around. A study was carried out on 18 men with fatigue. They took the supplement before exercise and reported a reduction in fatigue. The study further showed that the amount of ATP increased in these individuals.

2. Increases the amount of nitric oxide

The role of nitric oxide in the body is to relax the vessels. The relaxed arteries ensure smooth blood flow and keep the blood pressure within an optimum range. It helps prevent many cardiac diseases.

3. Help heal intestinal diseases

The experiments show that L-citrulline improves digestive tract conditions. The intestinal diseases like the celiac disease, short bowel disorder, and damage caused to small intestines by radiations are said to improve with the use of this supplement.

4. Enhances exercise capacity of the body

The University Of Cordoba, Spain carried out a study on the effects of L-citrulline on the improved physical performance of the men. It was found out that one dose of the supplement enhanced the user ability to do flat barbell bench presses.

5. Used in urea cycle disorders

L-citrulline improves patients with urea cycle disorders by reducing the level of ammonia in the body. It promotes weight gaining and increases protein intake.

6. Treats erectile dysfunction

The issue of erectile dysfunction is common in men these days. The L-citrulline supplements are known for male enhancement with the use of the supplement. The study conducted at the University Of Foggia, Italy shows improved results in men taking this supplement.

7. Supports a healthy immune system

The immune system is strengthened by proteins and other nutrients. The supplement is known to benefit the cells like neutrophils. It enhances the cell’s fighting function and protects the body from invading agents.

8. Helps in neurodegenerative diseases

The neurodegenerative diseases are tough to handle. For such diseases, every option available is a blessing. The experiments to find out L-citrulline effect on Parkinson’s diseases and dementias is under action.

9. Changes in growth hormonal levels

The L-citrulline is known for increasing the levels of arginine in the body. This action takes place after exercise. The arginine is known for increasing the level of growth hormone by blocking the release of GH inhibiting hormone.

10. Improves patients with heart failure

One of the main functions of this non-essential amino acid is to protect the patient from worsening heart conditions like heart failure. Its positive role with nitric oxide keeps the vessels dilated. It increases the pumping volume of the heart.

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