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Best 10 Health Benefits of Phytoceramides

The recent studies on Phytoceramides portray this substance as the wonder drug in the world of the dermatologist. All the doctors all over the world are amazed by its amazing benefits for the repair and nourishment of the human body skin. The supplement is FDA approved and offers the following benefits. Most of them revolve around the way it affects the skin.

1. Fascinating anti-aging effect

The researchers all around are thrilled about the chemicals amazing effect on aging skin. It counters the aging mechanism by eliminating the old skin and by producing the new one. The plastic surgery industry and Botox treatment are said to be reduced because of the introduction of these supplements.

2. Rejuvenation of the skin

The skin consists of the dermal and epidermal layers which are further divided into different layers. During the rejuvenation process of the skin in the presence of Phytoceramides, the skin is renewed and its freshness and glow are maintained.

3. Deals with hyperpigmentation

The Phytoceramides have negative effects on the process of melanogenesis. It is known for reducing the accumulation of pigment melanin in the skin. In many cases of hyperpigmentation, where people have discolored skin or age spots, this supplement can be used to reduce the issue. The oral what-derived phytoceramide supplement has proven its usefulness in this regard.

4. Reduces the chances of infection

The ceramides are packed in the four layers of the epidermis. They are used to form a barrier that protects the skin from external invading agents and fights off the infection before it spread through the body.

5. Anti-wrinkling effects

The promotion of collagen formation helps the body to remove the wrinkles with the help of the supplement. It also prevents sagging skin under the eyes.

6. Protects against UV rays and pollution

The lipid chemical makes sure the skin is protected in every way. It protects the skin from the harmful sun rays and air pollution all around.

7. Hydration of the skin

The phytoceramide supplements are known to increase the hydration of the skin. A study shows that using the supplement helps increase the hydration of legs, arms and body skin by 35%.

8. Stimulates collagen production

There has to be a way through which Phytoceramides offer the variety of different skin benefits, right? Most of the benefits trace back to the fact that these supplements promote collagen formation which is decreased over time in the human body.

9. Deficiency causes atopic dry skin

The skin condition known as the atopic dry skin is often caused by the reduced amount of ceramides in the skin. These lipid subunits are present in the stratum corneum and their insufficiency causes the dry skin. The Phytoceramides strengthen the barrier in the skin which prevents the dryness of the skin by maintaining the moisture content within the skin.

10. Improved brain function

According to the Jung et al in 2011, the Phytoceramides showed improvement in the functioning of the brain. They are also considered for improving Alzheimer’s disease.

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