Taurine has several very important benefits:

  • Fights Oxidative Stress
  • Perform better and recover faster from training
  • Take Taurine for better brain function
  • Take Taurine for insulin health
  • Burns fat

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Taurine

Taurine is one of the non-essential amino acids manufactured by our body and is found in large amounts in the retina, blood cells, heart, and brain. However, people under certain conditions cannot make taurine in their bodies, thus they get it through diet and supplements. Taurine is often considered adverse for health because it is associated with energy drinks, but caffeine is truly accountable for side effects. There are numerous health benefits of taurine, some of them are given below.

1. Improvement in Liver Function

A study conducted on 24 chronic hepatitis patients proved that daily supplementation of taurine for nearly three months resulted in reduced liver injury. Taurine helps in protecting the liver against oxidative damage and improves the process of detoxification of the liver.

2. Heart-Healthy

Taurine deficiency results in inducing heart diseases. Studies proved that taurine assists in reducing homocysteine levels, thus preventing high cholesterol and heart attacks. It halts the narrowing of the blood vessels and improves the contraction of the heart muscles.

3. Obesity and Weight Loss

A study performed on 30 obese college students of providing them taurine supplements for a week resulted in their weight loss and their fat profiles significantly improved. Taurine is involved in the initial stage of fat metabolism and helps the body in burning body fat.

4. Protection Against Infections

Taurine forms TauCl (Taurine Chloramine) and TauBr (Taurine Bromamine) in the body. These two have the ability to kill a wide spectrum of parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Taurine helps in protecting the body against various infections like gum diseases, otitis media, acne vulgaris, and much more.

5. Eye Protection

A study claimed that taurine helped in decreasing the vision loss when supplemented in around 62 patients along with vitamin E and Diltiazem. It protects the retina by removing toxins and other damaging molecules in the eye.

6. Best for the Skin

Topical treatment of taurine on mice in a research claimed that taurine helped in healing wounds rapidly. Taurine effectively helps in preventing the dry skin conditions by reducing inflammation in the body and reducing the toxins present in human skin cells.

7. Support the Kidneys

Various studies performed on animals proved that taurine supplementation helps in protecting the kidneys from the interrupted blood supply and oxidative damage.

8. Alleviate Anxiety and Depression

Taurine interacts with GABA neurotransmitter present in the brain and effectively manages stress levels and anxiety. It stimulates an increase of corticosterone and decrease of dopamine that prevents depression.

9. Improves Brain Functioning

Taurine efficiently defers the cognitive decline associated with aging. It enhances the production of neurotransmitters in the brain that protect it against any stress or damage. It further provides protection against brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and improves learning.

10. Strong Antioxidant Impact

Taurine supplementation helps in reducing the tissue damage by eliminating toxic oxidants via its strong antioxidant property. It further enhances the function of other antioxidants present in the body. Taurine helps in enhancing the immunity and protect the body against multiple diseases like diabetes, cancer, brain disorders, heart diseases, and much more.

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